Loving people through food



We are Charlotte and Matan: a small-scale farmer and a chef and this is our journey. We are on a mission to discover how growing and cooking food together can be a key to finding a way of life that is sustainable for our family and for this gorgeous planet we live on.

Growing and cooking food gives us purpose - as individuals, as a community and as a society - not only in the sense that what we do is meaningful, but in that it directly connects us to the ecosystem. The act of cultivating plants for food has made us acutely aware that we are part of that ecosystem, not just dwellers within it. Making sure that the food that feeds our family is good and wholesome, nutrient-rich, and toxin-free, feels to us as the most obvious thing to spend our life doing. All the better if at the same time, we can make those same concepts available to our community.

We envision a life where we, as a family and community, can be more in tune with the seasons:  The warm summer months with their long hours of sunlight, spent outside, working with the soil and sun, teasing forth the bounties of the earth; The cold and dark days of winter spent resting, gathering energy for the seasons to come.

We envision a life where food, that most essential part of life, can be shared with the people we love. Food is personal and universal at the same time. Food is the connection between people. Food is a memory of the past, and is the vision of the future. Food is sustenance, and food is comfort. For us, food is love. Our mission is, above all else, loving people through food.

This is only the beginning of our journey. On this journey we will grow, cook and eat. We will learn, and teach. We will try, fail, achieve and succeed. We will share, and we will love, together.

We are Two Forks Urban Farm and Table, and we would love if joined us on our journey.

Charlotte and Matan